This site is about Kippot (the plural of Kippah), also known as Yarmulkes.

It is a gallery of hand-painted Kippot for adults and children. All our Kippot fit all ages, and are worn by members of Orthodox, Conservative and Reform congregations.

Each Kippah is painted individually by an artist; no mass production, no assembly line - only individual attention to each Kippah. Each Kippah is really unique.

A Kippah is a very popular Jewish gift, and you can find many in Judaica stores. However, our Yarmulkes are special, and usually not availbles in your typical jewish store.

So go ahead and browse our collection by clicking here.
Ordering is easy, and payments are accepted via PayPal.

We also accept special orders. Click here to learn more.


Please note that because we hand-paint each Kippah individually, the Kippah you receive may look slightly different than the picture.


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